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Kaizen Web Development

Kaizen Web Development

Brandon Phillips of Kaizen Web Development is a CIW Certified web development professional hailing from Hollywood, Florida. Kaizen began as the brainchild of Brandon, and is currently in the growth stage.


What is Kaizen?

Kaizen is the Japanese phrase for continual improvement and growth, a founding principle of Kaizen Web Development. We believe this ideal can set your business and Kaizen apart from the competition. At Kaizen, we aren’t out to make a quick buck, we are invested in the success of our clients, and seek to foster ongoing relationships with our clients. When our clients succeed, so do we!


Our Services

Kaizen Web Development is dedicated to helping small businesses in South Florida

Kaizen Web Development is dedicated to helping small businesses in South Florida

Kaizen offers a complete lineup of web services, including:

  • Website Development
  • SEO
  • Digital Marketing Solutions
  • E-commerce Website Development
  • Social Media Integration

Along with our development services, Kaizen Web Development offers a complete web consultation service, meaning we are available to help clients with any web based concerns. Be it something as simple as setting up a company email, or as complex as a full renovation of a your company’s SEO strategy, Kaizen can help!


Built for Small Business

We at Kaizen are focused on serving the small business owner, and have geared our pricing and services to be the most useful to small business. We offer payment plans and discount options for bundling services to reduce the budgeting concerns of a web development project. Kaizen aims to be affordable to small business while producing outstanding results, so companies can come to rely on us for all their web based needs.

We offer a free web services estimate tool, located here, so our clients can have a ballpark figure on what they can expect the budget to be. However, there is no substitute for speaking to a live person. Contact us and receive a free consultation for your web development project.


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